Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mini Bird Cages

Well, I was taking a small break from making flowers. They seem to take over my whole desk when I work on them. That is all over now. I wanted to try to make something inspired by my upcoming wedding. Michaels had small birdcages for sale and I picked up a few to try something out.

I didn't want birds in the cages, because that always makes me sad. I thought flowers and butterflies would give it the Spring look I was hoping for.

Here is what I made.

The birdcages were originally silver, but that was not one of the colors of my wedding. I wanted to make sure the cage was gold. I started with some alcohol ink, however, it proved to be tough to try to cover the whole thing with the ink. I am sure there is an easier way to go about it. I decided to use gold acrylic paint instead, a much faster method. It can make it a little hard to cover, but it is supposed to look vintage, and the tone variations worked to my advantage. 

With the flowers only at the base, the whole thing looked like it was missing something. A few flowers on the outside solved that problem. 

I made sure that the inside had flowers on the side as well. Also, I added a few butterflies on the inside.

Here are the punches and dies I used for the butterflies. By spraying them with Lindy's the color of the butterflies were not flat, and the glimmer just brings them out. 

I also covered the butterflies with crackle accents. It gives the whole thing some texture. 

Here is the top view for the flowers. I glue them to the cage using my glue gun to avoid shifting about when handled. 

All of the flowers were hand made. Some were from flower punches, but I also used Spellbinders Dies.   These are my favorite when I make roses. 

I used Lindy's sprays for the colors. It gives the flowers a nice glimmer. The only problem is it takes a while to dry, because I like them better when they air dry. When in a bind, I used my heat gun, but for the most part I would spray a bunch the day before and put them away until they were ready. 

Here is the side view. I hope it would look chic and girly. It does to me! I might even use them as table decorations at the wedding. My mom really liked it. Justin said it was cute, but reminded me he is a guy and flowers are not really his thing (hehe). 

I hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for visiting!