Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wonderland Project DONE!

Since the first day I met my fiancĂ© life has felt like an adventure. He is my best friend, and he has taught me so much about life, love and growing up. I thought I would put together an album with all of our pictures from our trips to see each other. What could be more fitting than an Alice in Wonderland album? I also made a Mad Hatter Hat to put the album inside. 
Here is a video of the completed project.
The album is one of Marion Smith printable. 
Front Cover. The flowers are handmade. The letters are from a Tim Holt die. 

This is the first page. It has a picture of both of us when we were little. 

Each envelope has a picture mat, and I put in a picture of when we were together. 

I stamped some of the paper with little sentiments to personalize it a little. 

I also used a lot of glitter glue to accent the envelopes. 

And like always, I used a lot of glossy accents. 

Here you can see one of the pictures from the album. +Tori Langellier  took this picture of us. 

I mostly used red and gold glitter glue. 

I just love this stamp. I think it's from Tim Holt. 

I wanted to keep everything with flowers and butterflies. 

This is our favorite picture of the two of us. I added it to the back cover, the front had us as kids, the back cover has us as a couple, because our adventure does not end here, it keeps going. 

This a picture of the back of the picture mats. I tried to cover the journaling, because it's just for the two of us. 

Mad Hatter Hat

Placing the album inside the hat. 

The album inside the hat. 
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