Friday, January 4, 2013

Mad Hatter Hat - Work in Progress

Hello All and Happy New Year!

Ok, I am starting to feel guilty for neglecting my blog. I have not posted anything since the 28th. 
I have been working on a Mad Hatter Hat, but I am nowhere to be done. I wanted to wait until it looked a little bit better, but it's taking me longer than imagined. 

When I was in fifth grade, I read Alice in Wonderland and I loved it. A bit weird and unusual (just up my alley, hehe). It is only reasonable then that I wanted to make a Hatter Hat since the first time I saw an altered project using Mod Podge.  

This is what I got so far:
It is still ways to go, but is mostly covered with the cardstock. It took me a while to decide what paper to use. I wanted to use the Graphic 45 Olde Curiousity Shoppe Collection as the base for it. I was not sure how it will come out at the end, and I did not want to use the good paper on it. I finally settled for a a paper collection I got from Walmart. It has a lot of roses and vintage red colors. 
I made the model out of watercolor paper, thick and tough, but yet flexible. I think I like it better than chipboard for this particular project. 
I painted the edges that might show with black acrylic paint. I made a mess, I just had to take a picture. It had been a LONG time since I have done any painting with brushes and it made me feel like a little girl again. 
I used Mod Podge to cover the outside and the inside of the hat. I also took the opportunity to bend the rims with a little help from my punches. I used the punches to keep the form as the Mod Podge dried. 
Ok, it is not exactly round, as you can tell from this picture. There is a lot of things I would do differently if I had to do it again, but live and learn. 
Wish me Luck!
Happy New Year!