Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flowers on El Dia de los Reyes

Hello and Feliz Dia de los Reyes (Day of the Wise Men)!

When I was a kid, we used to celebrate Dia de los Reyes, back in my country. It is the day that the Wise Men arrive to give gifts to baby Jesus. In Spain and other Spanish-influenced countries, it is celebrated on January 6th. Children leave grass and cigars under their bed for the Wise Men and in turn, they get a small present (at least that's how we celebrate it in my family).

So today, I have been working on making some decorations for my hat.
I wanted to get some mulberry paper and try it out on making my flowers. Of course, Hobby Lobby does not carry it anymore. The lady gave me another handmade paper to try out. Honestly, I am not sure I like this new paper. It's kind of "hairy" and it makes it difficult to manipulate in some ways.
I used Spellbinders Rose Creations. for the red ones. I made my own stamens with jewelry thread and perfect pearls. I am still working on them, there is room for improvement.
For the small roses I used a Retro Flower. I colored the handmade paper with Electric Blue Glimmer Mist. I did distressed them with vintage photo ink, but it did not take as well as other paper. I went over the edge with some glitter glue.
Here is a picture of the tools I used. I just love the Spellbinder's Dies, I can always rely on them when I am not sure what kind of flower I want to make. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed the flowers. Thank you for visiting and