Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas with a YouTube Video

I was wondering what I could add to the blog today, to kind of celebrate Christmas as well. I thought it would be a good idea to make a youtube video, just because I should be practicing on that. I am kind of camera shy, and sometimes I end up speaking really slow or really fast (making my accent a lot worse, sorry!).

Last Saturday at a Blaze Hockey game, one of our friends told me how much she's been enjoying to see my posts on Facebook about my projects. She specially liked the flowers. I was very happy to hear this, because I am only starting it's encouraging when you find something you love and other people appreciate as well.

I wanted to make a video that showed the envelopes that I made in 3D, rather than in a 2D picture. Mostly, because my friend had said she was not sure of what it was from the picture alone and I wanted to clarify.

Here is the video I made:
I am not sure if I posted it before, but here is the link of the tutorial on how to make these envelopes: Graphic 45 Clever tips for Creating Gorgeous BirdSong Gifts
Here is a picture of the envelope:
Anyway, Merry Christmas and Thank you for visiting!